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Malaysia Truly Asia – 40 Major Events! 25 January 2007

Posted by amokdemanis in Santai-Lite.

40-events.jpg It’s me again! 🙂

2007 is a Blossom Year for tourism industry in Malaysia! To my foreign friends, Malaysia proudly welcomes you especially this year! To my local friends, this is the time to travel! To my local friends who are abroad, plan your routes to come back! Today I just want to highlight 40 events that seduce my eyes.

For those who’ve been to the Flora Fest last Saturday (20 Jan), can you share something with us today?

So, what Malaysia offers the whole year round in many destinations for us? Here are some excerpts. Check out:
+ Click for details:
01. Eye on Malaysia (7 Jan-31 Dec)
02. Flora Fest (20 Jan-4 Feb)
03. Federal Territory Day (1 Feb)
04. Le Tour de Langkawi (2-11 Feb)
05. Malaysia Open Golf (8-11 Feb)

06. Chinese New Year Open House (24 Feb)
07. Taman Negara Eco-Challenge (24-25 Mar)
08. Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix (6-8 Apr)
09. National Water Festival (6 Apr-6 May)
10. Johor International Orchid Show (25-27 May)

11. Colours of Malaysia (26 May-10 Jun)
12. Harvest Festival & Gawai Dayak (26 May-2 Jun)
13. Tadau Kaamatan (30-31 May)
14. Malaysia Int. Aerospace Exhibition (5 Jun-7 Aug)
15. Penang Int. Dragon Boat Fest (8-10 Jun)

16. Japan GT (22-24 Jun)
17. Fiesta San Pedro (23-29 Jun)
18. Penang Bridge Int. Marathon (24 Jun)
19. Ipoh Open Int. Run (1 Jul)
20. Rainforest World Music Fest (13-15 Jul)

21. Port Dickson Int. Triathlon (21-22 Jul)
22. Kuala Lumpur Fest (1-31 Jul)
23. Sultan’s Cup Terengganu Endurance (3-4 Aug)
24. 50 Years World Lion Dance (3-5 Aug)
25. Malaysia Int. Fireworks Competition (15-30 Aug)

26. Mount Kinabalu Int. Climbathon (25-26 Aug)
27. 50 Years Merdeka Month Celebration (31 Aug)
28. Sarawak Regatta (1-2 Sep)
29. KL International Tattoo Show (7-9 Sep)
30. Penang Int. Lantern Festival (15 Sep-14 Oct)

31. Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix (19t-21 Oct)
32. Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House (20 Oct)
33. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (27-31 Oct)
34. Heart of Borneo 4X4 Safari (28 Oct-4 Nov)
35. Malaysia Int. Gourmet Fest (2-29 Nov)

36. World Drums Fest (3-10 Nov) – no hyperlink
37. Malaysia A1 Grand Prix (23-25 Nov)
38. Terengganu Monsoon Cup (28 Nov-2 Dec)
39. Langkawi Int. Maritime&Aerospace [LIMA] (4 -8 Dec)
40. KL Int. Busker’s Fest (8-16 Dec)

Reality Check:
1. Trips to other destinations open our hearts, minds and our ways of thinking! What more if it’s a busines trip!
2. Plan your trip(s) well. Don’t let your poor planning defeats your actual purpose. Enjoy your journey.
3. To join in any event is good, so as to preserve your faith.

Bottom Notes:
– I’ll be in KL: 2-7 Feb. Hope to still catch up the Islamic Heritage Exhibition in KLCC & Flora Fest in Putrajaya.
– 26-28 Feb, I’ll be in Kertih. Some ‘keropok lekor’ anybody? 😉

So, what say you?

Amok, out!


Tomorrow… Trip to Serikin, Sarawak.



1. hayad - 25 January 2007

Dok tunggu trip to Serikin nih. Asik tangguh2 jer,hahaha

2. amokdemanis - 25 January 2007

Hayad: confirm esok publish. heheh.. sabo ye.

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