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Where to buy books & get great discounts? 27 February 2007

Posted by amokdemanis in Hot Tips.

book.jpg Hi! I’m back!

Besides travelling, I’m an avid reader too. No doubt about it. So are you, I guess. Hmm..but where could we get cheaper ‘new books’? Here are some tips for you:

Kinokuniya (KLCC):
I love this shop. The books are arranged in a way that is so easy for us to find. Sections by sections. Categories by categories. And if you still get lost in the store, you could always go to the Search Machine or ask for help from any staff. They are well trained to assist you.
Pricewise: Normal published price. Sometimes have promotion: “20% discount on this item with purchase of another item in a single receipt on the same day”. That means 10% discount per book.
Trick: Buy another book with that sticker & you’ll get 20% off for both books.

Times Bookshop (KLCC):
The book arrays are limited. But hey, that’s not bad. It will cut half of your time on books selection.
Pricewise: 10% off is automatic if you own a membership card. Quite many times per year they will give you 25% discounts on certain books. Great savings huh? And as a member, you’ll get 20% birthday voucher every year.
Trick: Update your list on books you wanna buy. On your birthday month, go all out buying in bulk. Hahaa.

MPH (Midvalley, One Utama):
Great collection of books. The irony is I always get lost in the store! 😦 ReadersCircle card is not that helpful. Anyway, booktalks & some weekend programs for your kids are good.
Pricewise: Quite expensive. Even during promotions, on average you’ll get only 10% off.
Trick: Go to MPH for free readings while sipping your Starbucks. Ghee..

Borders (Berjaya Timesquare):
Great display of books & wide range. Staff are well trained too. Different experience!
Pricewise: Normal published rate. Sometimes offer as high as 20% discounts on certain titles. For some books though, the prices are so low – gardening, DIY & etc.
Trick: No trick here.

Bookshops at Airports:
I love the ‘Bestseller‘ bookshop at KLIA. They offer, well as you guess – only the bestseller books. This shop is great to help busy traveller like me. The price for certain titles are cut by 20%. Other bookshops at airports offer normally priced books.

For certain authors, buy online via their websites. Some give you as high as 70% discounts!

Reality Check:
1. Some people said 10%, 20%, 25% off per book is nothing. I say, that 25% discounts can give you a FREE book after your 4th buy.

Hope the tips help you buy & read more. Or maybe you have a better idea. Do you mind sharing?

See ya!




1. Fuad - 27 February 2007

No comment on Popular? I do prefer Popular cause 10% discount for members. And for promotion books with sticker, can get 15%, 25% or more discount.

By the way, I never compare price between bookstore. So, don’t know their price will diff for diff shops. Do they offer different price despite on discount?

2. amokdemanis - 28 February 2007

Fuad: popular is quite popular among malays. but i rarely go this shop. i used to visit several times when i was a student and to me it’s quite expensive to buy there. but hey.. that was few years back. now maybe getting better. 🙂

yup! price varies between bookstores. it depends. usually around 10%. on certain case, it’s more than that. especially when you pre-order.

3. chot - 28 February 2007

amok ko kerja kat petronas kan? aku oil & gas gak kat tower 2..hehe

4. cikgu azleen - 28 February 2007

I used to go to MPH in Mid Valley while living in KL.. I would stay 2-3 hours inside MPH, reading free book.. but then, still buy the book to digest it at home.. hehehe.. However in Johor, I still havent find MPH.. I asked several friends here, but they keep on asking me to go Norman (If I am not mistaken) at Jusco Tebrau.. But its not comfortable to read in this shop.. I had to sit on the floor..

P.S.: I also never really look at the discount.. not that I dont give a damn about it, but because whenever I really like the book, I want right there and then.. Can’t wait for the discount..

5. akirasuri - 1 March 2007

i still havent find any bookstore at sp except mph at tesco sp. juz a small one. huh. really hard 2 find bookstore here. ohh i also never compare price between bookstore. juz buy when i really like d book. ekceli, i wil buy at least one book when i enter any bookstore. huh. terbang melayang fulus aku! ha ha ha.

6. amokdemanis - 1 March 2007

chot: habis tu takkan kat ENRON Energy? hahaha.. aku based kat miri skrg ni tp selalu ke KL. salaaam sket chot.. hehe..

cikgu azleen: wow.. 2-3 hrs at MPH sounds good. that’s outstanding! hehe.. norman bookstore? never heard of b4. anyway, about the discount thing..yup kinda agree with you – sometimes we just wanna have the book right there n then (impulse buy – the publishers must be happy with this 😉 ).

akirasuri: sp@sungai petani – hmm.. never buy book there b4. yeah it’s quite a small town n reading habit is not well accepted yet i guess. when the ‘force’ come, there will be bigger bookshop(s). takpe – fulus buat pelaburan.. hehe

7. Selamat Hari Buku Sedunia. « mynexttrip - 1 March 2007

[…] al-Quran bermula dgn Iqra’ = bacalah 2. Cek juge entry saya 2 hari lepas kat bawah tu.. cara2 nak  dpt diskaun. 3. Kat Fuad:Almari Buku – jgn mara aaa.. minggu ni tercakap byk bab buku pulak.. […]

8. Hakim Dirani - 4 March 2007

ya, saya teringin membaca buku Malaysia. teringin sangat nak pegi. tapi saya tak mampu. saya tinggal jauh.

9. marineko - 11 March 2007

Kinokuniya also have “gem of the month” – a selection of books that go up to 25% off every month. you didn’t mention that 😀

also, another trick… you can actually get your discount by just buying the book with a piece of stationary from the stationary section, as the sticker says 10/20/25% off for purchase with “purchase of ANY ITEM…”

and then there’s Pay Less Books. and warehouse sales. and second hand bookstores…

10. amokdemanis - 12 March 2007

hakim dirani: kesian.. takpe when the time comes, you will be back.

marineko: you’re right! i missed out that..hurm but i never know about stationary trick. thanks.. 🙂

11. zai_kal - 20 March 2007

amoks..any love book to recommend?

12. amokdemanis - 20 March 2007

zai_kal: sori..masa ni x minat sgt dgn non-fiction. mase skolah dulu2 suka baca novel melayu.
blog ni mungkin boleh bantu sbb dia mmg suka non-fiction: http://marineko.blogspot.com/

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