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Who’s Amok?

amok2.jpgMe,My Life & IYou must be serious about this blog don’t you? Otherwise, you will not read what I’ve written here. Congratulations! I’m glad you did it! Honestly! ) Now let me introduce myself.

Amok is my nick name. I’m an executive in an oil & gas company in Malaysia. In 2002, I decided to retire before I turn 40. After 4 years in ICT, I moved to other discipline within the company.

With persistence to one day be my own boss, now I’m doing Supply Chain Mgt (Tenders-Contracts-Contractors Mgt). You bet, I’ve learnt a lot about businesses now than ever! Yet my eyes are still scanning for more opportunities. It’s my focus to always expand my ‘comfort zone’.

Travelling, Entrepreneurship, Gardening and Reading has been my evergreen passions. To me this life is a journey. As a traveller, I’ll enjoy every moment. On the journey to achieve my ‘Life Goals’, I wish to share some experiences and hope to learn more from you.

Once again, thanks for your effort to get to know me. My wish is to listen more about what you’d say on this blog. Say it!

More about what this blog is about? Visit me anytime.

My email: mamin.demanis@gmail.com



1. SMKAKian - 5 September 2008

Amok, badge SMKA Kedah tahun berapa?

2. amokdemanis - 21 September 2008

SMKAKian: ait..cane tau org dari SMKAK? hehe… batch yg dah lama.. urm..1994 amik SPM.

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